About Us

In 2019 our founder Ash discovered an old mermaid statue in a garden surrounded by weeds and leaves. After much love, a lot of gold magic and loads of hype from friends Trashy Home was born.  Founded in Liverpool by Aisling (Ash), or ‘Trashy Ashy’ as she is known after a few Espresso Martinis, Trashy Home brings the devil-may-care attitude of its founder into a range of beautiful and sleek homeware products.

Each handmade and unique piece is the result of Ash’s experience within the counter-culture art and music scenes of Canada, Sydney and London and blends her love of disco music, glamour and sparkle. The driving force behind the product curation and the team of designers is the need to upcycle the mundane and make each piece totally out of the ordinary.

For Ash “Furniture and homeware is a part of our every day, and often blends into the background, but we don’t think it needs to be that way. The furniture and pieces you have around you at home are an extension of yourself and that’s one thing we should never be ashamed of”.